NameClara Antonette Langer
Birth6 Feb 1908
Death15 Aug 1983 Age: 75
Birth15 Oct 1902
Death26 Oct 1961 Age: 59
FatherGregor Wegscheid (1870-1958)
MotherSusana Hansen (1877-1958)
Marriage22 Feb 1927
ChildrenVirginia Ann (1928-)
 Rita (1930-1930)
 Evelyn Kathryn (1932-)
 Ervin Joseph (1934-)
 Elizabeth (Betty) Ann (1936-1989)
 David Alphonse (1938-)
 Leroy John (1942-)
 Dorothy Clare (1946-)
 Thomas Aloysius (1949-)
 Richard James (1951-)
 Donna Marie (1953-)
Family Letter Notes for Alois Michael & Clara Antonette (Family)
Al and Clara, Mom and Dad grew up in Bluffton, They probably met at a dance or a house party in Bluffton. That was the main social life in those days. Dad was a musician and played several instruments. The accordion was his favorite instrument, he never took a lesson.

They were married on February 22, 1927, at St. John the Baptist Church in Bluffton. They were devoted Catholics all their life, and raised all 10 children in their faith.

Their first home was upstairs in Grandma Langer’s big house, right south of the creamery. Dad’s job was hauling freight from the railroad depot to the town. He kept his horses and equipment in a big barn right downtown.

Virginia was born in her grandma’s house, on April 1, 1928. Then in September 1930 baby Rita was born and died three days later of a brain hemorrhage (stroke).

In 1930 we moved to a small farm 1 1/2 miles west and 1/2 mile south of Bluffton, In 1932 to 1938 Dad was in a partnership with Uncle Frank Langer in the Bluffton Oil Co. We lived in the house attached to the station.

On April 2, 1932, a healthy bouncy baby girl was born, her name was Evie. Ervin came along on Jan 16, 1934. Times were hard and we were poor, but we did not know it. Mom had a big garden and sewed all our clothes. Betty was born on November 19, 1936. We moved in 1938 to a small farm west of Bluffton on Hwy 10. There was no electricity on this farm so it seemed harder. In 1940 a cute little boy with long blond curls was born. He was named David. Then on May 24, 1942, LeRoy was born. In 1945 we sold the farm to Ambrose and Hildegard Beringer. Then we purchased a farm 1/2 mile south of Bluffton across the railroad tracks, this farm was very hilly and hard to farm, but us kids loved it.

On February 1, 1946, Dorothy was born, and she was very cute and spoiled. Then in 1949 Virginia got married and left the farm. The 3 youngest were born after that. Tommy on September 17, 1949, Dicky December 28, 1951, and Donna the baby of the family on October 15, 1953,

Dad’s health was now failing, so they moved to Perham in 1956 and purchased the Silver Grill Cafe. About 5 years later Dad found out he had cancer, he died at the early age of 59 on October 26, 1961. Mom stayed in Perham and raised the family. In 1972 she moved into an apartment. In 1982 she suffered a serious stroke and was taken to the Perham Memorial Home. In August 1983 she was paralyzed by another stoke. She died August 15, 1983.

Dad was a man of all sorts, he could farm, cook, butcher, barber, and he loved music and people. He did much in his short life.

Mom took good care of her large family, she cooked, canned gardened, sewed, and did a lot of fancy work.
They both worked very hard all their life..

There were 11 children, 40 grandchildren, 62 great grandchildren, and 6 great great-grandchildren. (as of 2003)
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