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Taste of Wegscheid - (11.1 Mb file)
Created for the 2003 all family reunion by Rita (Wegscheid) Price, Vera (Wegscheid) Malone & Mary (Beringer) Petersen

Wegscheid family in Wadena Pioneer Journal - (540 Kb file)
Story on the Wegscheid family that appeared in the Wadena Pioneer Journal on 9-11-08

Janice Price family scrap book - This two part PDF is a scrap book that focuses the Ken and Joyce (Wegscheid) Price family and direct ancestors. It was put together by the great grand daughter of Gregor and Susana Wegscheid, Janice Price.
Part 1 of 2 (6.3 Mb file) Part 2 of 2 (6.2 Mb file)

Hansen family history (1784 - 1954) - 17 page document written by Rev. Alban Fruth in 1954.

Elmer and Joyce Wegscheid held hostage (1974) - (1.5 Mb file)
Six page story from Good Housekeeping April 1974 about the Elmer and Joyce wegscheid family being held hostage by escaped prisioners for 30 hours.
HIGH RES of the same file - (26 Mb file)

Wegscheid facts

Four of the original 14 Wegscheid kids married Beringers.

Gregor and Susana Wegscheid moved from Stearns county to Bluffton in 1913.

As of 9-16-2008 there are 292 descendants of Gregor and Susana that carry or have carried the Wegscheid name. This number includes females who may or may not have changed their name and males.

From the entire Eugene branch of the Wegscheid only the sons of Bernard and Bernice carry the Wegscheid name to a new generation. Of Eugene and Kathryn's eight kids four were girls and four were boys. Of the four boys only Bernard had sons.

The Wegscheid family tree as of 9-16-2008 contains 1984 people.

There is a village in germany called Wegscheid. [Village website link] [Google map link] [village from the air]

Please share other great family tid bits you know. Send facts to family tree@wegscheid.net.

Mysteries to solve

For those looking to solve a puzzle I submit the following: I signed up for a free trial at ancestry.com to see if they had anything on Wegscheid's. As I suspected they have next to nothing. Mostly just 1930 census records and divorce dates... very vanilla. I did however stumble onto an unknown Magdl Wegscheid. Is she family? That is the question I pose to any adventurous member of the family. All I know is she was probably born in 1833, she was supposedly from Bavaria and she got on a ship and came to the US in 1857. A full 13 years before Gregor was even born. This is the screen shot from ancestry.com. This is a scan of the passenger list from the ship St. Nicolas. Magdl is on line 3. A gold star to anyone cracking the identity of this las.

Gertrudis Wegscheid was christened February 16 1698 and was the daughter of Michaelis and Anna Maria Wegscheid. I found this information here on familysearch.org. I have no idea if she is family.

In 1885 there was a female Wegscheid living in Ramsey county. She was from St. Paul ward 4. At the time of the census she was 19 years old which would mean she was born in 1866. The census states her place of birth as Germany. This is a screen shot from ancestry.com where I found her. There is also a copy of the 1885 census. "A Wegscheid" as she is identified is on the last line of the second page.