Eugene Wegscheid & Kathryn (Kay) Louise Beringer
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid 001
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid portrait
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid wedding alter
Eugene & Kathryn wedding w-attendants
From left to right: unknown Winkles, Roman Wegscheid, Eugene Wegscheid, Kathryn Beringer, Bernice (Mary Martin) Wegscheid, Luella
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid wedding 2
Eugene & Kathryn wedding tree
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid wedding
From left to right: unknown Winkles, Roman Wegscheid, Eugene Wegscheid, Kathryn Beringer, Bernice (Mary Martin) Wegscheid, Luella
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid 2 oldest
Kathryn & Eugene Wegscheid with oldest daughters Rita and Bernice
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid w-6 kids
Karthryn & Eugene wegscheid in far back with children Rita (tallest girl), Bernice (second tallest), Sharron (third tallest), and Joyce (shortest one standing), Bernard (sitting left), and Donald (sitting right)
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid Family 1953
Back row: Bernice, Rita, Sharon
Front row: Bernard, Eugene, Joyce, Kathryn, Donald
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid w-kids
Back row: Donald, Bernice, Joyce, Sharron, Rita & Bernard
Front row: Harvey. Eugene, Kathryn & Kevin (very front)
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid family 004
Very front: Kevin
Three boys in middle fron left to right: Bernard, Donald & harvey
Back row: Sharron, Joyce, Eugene, Kathryn, Bernice & Rita
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid family 005
Back row: Joyce, Bernard, Rita, Donald & Bernice
Front row: Sharron, Harvey, Kathryn, Kevin & Eugene
Kathryn Wegscheid & Kids
Back row: Sharron, Bernice, Kathryn, Joyce & Rita
Front row: Bernard, Donald, Kevin & Harvey
Kathryn Wegscheid & grandkids
Back row: Debbie VanWatermulen, Renee Wirth, Linda Price (Hidden), Audrey Wirth, Karen Price, Unknown (blond kid), Pam Wirth, Jim Price, Rick Price, Gary VanWatermulen, Jeff Price
Front row: Steve Price (off on left), Brad Wegscheid, Cindy VanWatermulen, Kathryn Wegscheid, Janice Price
Very front: Brian Wegscheid & Becky Wegscheid
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid cake
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid cake 2
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid gifts
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid hug
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid 002
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid 003
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid picnic
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid wash
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid
Eugene Wegscheid & brothers
Eugene Wegscheid on left
Eugene Wegscheid & family
Adults left to right: Larry VanWatermulen, Sharron VanWatermulen, Rita Price, Eugen Wegscheid, Ervin Price, Roger Wirth
Eugene Wegscheid Roger Wirth & Kids
Back three: Eugene Wegscheid, Unknown, Roger Wirth Kids on deer: Unknown Top older kid: Donald Wegscheid Bottom older kid: Bernard Wegscheid Kid on far right: Unknown
Eugene Wegscheid in dead center
Solemn Communion for many cousins 1953
1953 at Ludwig and Luella Wegscheid's home – Solemn Communion for many of the cousins. Hildegard Beringer (Wegscheid) decorated a Sally Ann cookie for each individual who had their Solemn Communion.

Back row, from left to right: Roger wegscheid, Bernice Wegscheid, Rita Wegscheid, Barb Beringer, Vera wegscheid, Regina wegscheid, Elsie Wegscheid
Standing row: Alice Beringer, Agatha wegscheid, Rosie Beringer, Mary Beringer, Sharon Wegscheid, Carolyn wegscheid, Joyce Wegscheid
Short row: John Beringer, Joe Beringer, Mike Beringer
Seated row: Marcie wegscheid, Odelia Wegscheid, Regina Beringer (Silbernagel) holding Everett Wegscheid, Lawrence wegscheid, Fran Beringer
Seated on grass: Marty wegscheid, Bernard Wegscheid, Ralph Wegscheid, Donald wegscheid, Tony Beringer, Ormund Wegscheid, Eldon Wegscheid
Solemn Communion 1953 St Johns
1953 outside St. John’s Church in Bluffton - Solemn Communion

Back row, from left to right: Vera Wegscheid, Rita Wegscheid, Bernice Wegscheid (top of her head), Barb Beringer
Middle row: Regina Wegscheid, Rosie Beringer, Agatha Wegscheid, Mary Beringer, Sharon Wegscheid, Elsie Peters
Front row: Gloriann Wegscheid, Jeanie Wegscheid, Alice Beringer, Joyce Wegscheid, Judy Weller, Delores Wegscheid, Carolyn Wegscheid
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid family 1963
Back Row: Bernice, Sharon, Joyce, Rita
Middle Two: Donald, Bernard
Third Row: Eugene, harvey, Kathryn
On Lap: Kevin
Eugene & Kathryn Wegscheid family 006
Left to Right: Donald, Joyce, Harvey, Kathryn, Bernice, Rita, Bernard, Sharon